Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Sumptous Birthday Dinner

Last Saturday was Joel's 6th birthday. The whole family urged his father to throw him a party. His father just smiled and assured us that he would give his son a memorable birthday dinner. Initially, we thought we would be eating at some fast food restaurants like Kook Fa Cha or Mc X. We didn't expect his father to be so generous to take us to East Ocean in Chemor for an expensive full course dinner.

The Menu:

1. Five Treasure Platter
2. Jumping Buddha Pot
3. Braised Abalone with Mushroom and Broccoli
4. Roasted Sucking Pig
5. Steamed Leopard coral grouper /Chat Sing Pan (bought from Sabah by Joel's uncle)
6. Steamed Glutinous Rice with Whole Crab
7. Birthday Cake (as dessert)

The Five Treasure Platter comes with bacon rolls, seawood siu mai, 3 types of eggs rolled in popiah pastry, Prawns coated with breadcrumbs and stir fried shark's fin omelette.

The Jumping Buddha Pot consists of mainly Abalone slices, Mushrooms, Chinese Ham, Scallops and Chicken Meat. It has a robust flavour.

I think this dish requires no introduction as everything is clearly visible and the taste is always the same regardless who the chef is.

Suckling Pig
I wonder why the skin which appeared to be crispy was actually not crispy at all.
It only looks appealing but lacks identity.

Joel's uncle brought the fish all the way from Sabah on his way back to the Peninsula. It is an expensive type of fish in Hong Kong as the fish is not easily available in HK. I can't think of any suitable words to describe the solid texture of the meat that put a smile to everyone's face.

The crustacean became the center of attention when this dish was brought to our table.
It's surprisingly huge.

Joel's Birthday Cake

East Ocean Restaurant (Chemor Branch)
Chemor, Ipoh.


  1. Wow, a great meal from daddy, sure everyone went home with satisfying tummy. :)

  2. It should be a 'bloated' tummy... haha

  3. wow that is a great meal for a birthday!!!

  4. Yeah, I would want to have one too when it comes to my turn...

  5. I have not been to Chemor for a very long time. I have had lunch in Sungai Siput and in Ipoh, but not in Chemor.



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