Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hong Kong & Macau - Day 4 (Part 3: Venetian Resort & Hup Seng Congee Shop)

 The Venetian Resort @ Hotel @ Casino

The interior of the hotel is a replication of Venice, Italy.

Artificial canals are made to enable visitors to experience riding on gondolas.

 You will be entertained by the melodious tunes sung by the boatmen throughout the ride.

A replication of St Basilica Cathedral (It looks like a newer version of the cathedral)

Entertainers putting up various performance to make your visit more pleasurable.

We had our dinner at Hup Seng Congee Shop.

The porridge was the usual comfort food and only very little MSG was used.

The congee man was very generous on the ingredients he added into the porridge.
It came with lots of huge meatballs and pork offal.

Tender and flavourful meatball

We returned to Largo Do Senado to look at the Christmas lighting at Senado Square.

Chestnut stall at Sau Shun Kai

Goodnight, Macau!

Back to the hotel after the tiring tour.


  1. WOW..macau not bad.. mine was a very short brief trip the other time..and it was in the evening.. i would love to go macau one more time.. and must ask u for all the chee liew before i go.. i wanna try the tarts!

  2. Claire:

    Hehe, we can exchange information...
    I am filled with longing to visit Japan!

  3. wenn:

    Merry Christmas to you too...........

  4. Whoa! Nice tour, beautiful pics, lovely Xmas lightnings, yummy porridge. Merry Xmas!!!



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