Saturday, April 24, 2010

Off to Haadyai

Being to Haadyai many times but had never thought of writing anything about this Perakian's favourite weekend getaway. It is a short journey from Taiping to Haadyai by car - 2 1/2  hours.
The lack of speed cameras tempt taxi drivers to push the accelerator along the 250-km desert highway.
Already becoming a favourite weekend getaway, the town's hotels are almost always fully booked by Malaysians. If you stay there for a couple of days, you will probably notice that you are practically seeing more Malaysians than Thais. It's very convenient for the Perakians to go over as the normal travel document (passport) is not required. All we need is a border pass.

Street lamps

Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel - one of the most popular choices among Malaysians

McDonald's in Chinese characters
 Thai Characters

 Chinese High School

Noodle Stall

Dry Shrimp Cake?

Value-for-money steamboat - RM7.90 per pax

 There is a wide selection of raw and cooked ingredients on the buffet table (better than MP4)

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