Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sapa - Part 2

The trek starts from the Cat Cat hotel. From there, head downslope until you reach a ticket counter (yes, you have to pay to enter the village).

 Sapa town

 Old colonial style buildings are seen in almost every part of the town

 I stayed in the Royal View Hotel for 3 nights

 The Hmongs walking around the town to sell their "hand-made' (or factory-made) items

 The market is a place where one should visit regardless of which country you visit as the market reflects on the lifestyle of the people in a particular place

A place to shop for sourvenirs and handicrafts (of better quality compared to the Hmong's)


  1. Very authentic.. I wouldnt mind going to Sapa this time.. the hotel u stayed, I think considered the best in town already, right? their shops are all standard size.. thin and tall...

  2. Claire:

    Sapa is definitely worth a visit.



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