Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sapa - Part 3

Armed with my best companion, my Panasonic FX36, I captured almost every inch of Sapa. It was not an easy task in selecting the best shots to be posted. Finally, I chose the easy way out by publishing all the pictures featuring the breathtaking view of Sapa.


  1. wahhhh.. hoe liang.. i wanna go already.. got any cheap fare or not to hanoi? :) eh, how did u arrange the pics.. so nice...

  2. Claire:

    Try AirAsia. I did nothing to the pictures, just uploaded them and posted without rearranging them.

  3. I am always charmed by pictures of a child riding a plump water buffalo or a child trying to pull it or a water buffalo playing in a mud pool. :) Great job!




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