Sunday, April 4, 2010

Go gravyless in Shanghai

One of my colleagues is now attending a conference on neuroscience in Shanghai. He sent his report back to Malaysia every day including the photos which he took in Shanghai. Shanghai is a true metropolitan with numerous skyscrapers and multi-tier highway. However, the food in Shanghai may not suit our palate and Malaysians normally find their food being a bit too salty and oily. Here are a few photos taken when he had his meals in the restaurants. 
I've never seen so much chopped chillies sprinkled on a dish, have you? 
How come all the dishes came without gravy? We Malaysians like to 'lou chup' so much.

No gravy again...

At last, this one came with lots of gravy especially the 'Ma Po' beancurd, looked so perfectly done.

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  1. Do you agree, after going to some places in china and taking their food, Ipoh is still the best? :) yau mei tit...



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