Sunday, April 18, 2010

I ate two piglets!

I found these photos in one of my thumb-drives. Was trying very hard to recall when and where these pictures were taken. Was it One-utama, The Gardens or Queensbay Mall? I am a die-hard fan of Canton-i though most of the time I never bothered to take down any pictures of the food which I had. Sometimes it could be rather embarrassing when the rest of the world were raising their chopsticks waiting to fish the morsels from the baskets and plates but was forced to wait (impatiently) for the 'photographer' to pick the best angle for the best shot of the food. Forget about it... just tuck in!

If my memory serves me correctly, this was definitely not Queensbay Mall, should be One-U or The Gardens.

Piggy on a plate

Piggy in a basket

Honolulu Coffee

Congee with meatballs


  1. hehee... so cute cute piggies.. icanton in queensbay i think.. if i m not mistaken, or is it idragon i saw?

  2. Claire:

    Both eateries are available in Queensbay...



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