Saturday, April 3, 2010

Charcoal Steamboat

Two friends came over in the evening and one of them told me that how much she loves steamboat but was always disappointed by the low quality of food served in most of the steamboat restaurant in KL. I quickly browsed through a few post published by other bloggers whom I know have a palate for steamboat, and took her to this restaurant in Tasek hoping that this would change her perception on steamboat.

What's so special about this place? See, they use charcoal to lit the stove.

Is that a chimney?

Inoki mushroom is a must-have for steamboat

Abalone mushroom

Fish slices, sliced octopus, and prawns

Vermicelli and Yee Meen

Fishballs, beancurd and fish paste

Hong Loy Restaurant
Tasek, Ipoh


  1. Am looking for charcoal steamboat too!! May i know where is this place?

  2. wah...something new to me.. have to go cari the whole tasek to find this shop... hahaa... just kidding..

  3. Remember to ask for charcoal 'boat'.



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