Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brekky No.7

An English Breakfast is like heaven on a plate for me! It's delicious! I think it's a great hangover cure too! I don't like all of it but I do like most. I don't eat the beans or have mushrooms or tomatoes! I LOVE the crispy bacon, the juicy ham, scrambled eggs, and some toast yum yum yum!! I think it's the best meal ever invented! When it comes to breakfast, I'd rather make my own English Breakfast than eat the coffee house's version which usually contains far too much oil. Below is my own creation which is perfected with a cup of coffee, NO! It's a bowl of Barley Gingko Sweet Broth. Sounds weird? Ya, this is a culture crossover...

An ensemble of toast, scrambled eggs and ham.

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Barley Gingko Drink 
(Kai Tan Pak Gor Fu Chuk Yee Mai Tong Sui)

Very eggy...
Dear all, please rate my breakfast. Thank you.


  1. what a healthy breakfast.. esp the barley with egg.. very yoon...

  2. I love the dessert very much
    good for complexion



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