Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sapa - Part 4

You can find throughout Sapa town series of souvenir shops where they show all local people's products: handicrafts, silvers, wooden things. All products are made by the people in this region.
It is also interesting to go down to the villages and buy souvenirs from the local minority people.
It is important that you should buy things from the adults (especially from women) in their houses in stead of buying outside and from children. By this way, you will encourage the people to sell things in their villages and motivate the children come back to schools.

 Vietnamese Tapestry

Try these exotic souvenirs instead...

How about some handicrafts?

Consider buying these unique 'luggage bags' if yours doesn't have enough rooms for the souvenirs


  1. wow.. mingna.. very nice.. so much to see and buy.. then after bringing home, dont know what to do with them..and start giving away all.. hahhahaa... seriously, i wanna go if got chance.. see can get my frens or not.. :)

  2. looks interesting with those creatures in the bottles.

  3. Claire:

    Precisely! I still have loads of souvenirs to give away...

    Sin Tai Lim:

    I didn't buy any of those... yucks



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