Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sapa - Part 5

There are some restaurants offering both Vietnamese food and some non-Vietnamese dishes. Mid Range hotels usually boast about offering at least some "Western" dishes, and smaller hotels and guesthouses will normally be able to offer at least something non-Vietnamese. However, don't expect it to be "just like Grandma used to make".

 Mini crabs?

Likely the most interesting sight in town is the busy market, which serves people from all over the region. All around the market, vendors sold different snacks. There were piles of vegetables, stacks of bamboo baskets, and bowls of delicately painted quail eggs. I was always pursued by Hmong women, who sold beautiful patterned blankets in deep blues and electric greens. I was also called out to by seated vendors, who sold strange snacks from cover of umbrella.

This is not German wurst but Sapa stuffed sausages

Economy Fried Noodles?

Lots of unknown fruits available along the street

They have something in common... cholesterol.

Deep fried large intestine

Another similar practice to Pasir Pinji Braised Offal - Weigh & Pay

Tau Foo Fah

Sticky rice with meat floss

The sticky rice vendor

Vege-filled chee cheong fun

Chee Cheong Fun's vendor

Mixed fruits dessert served with crushed ice and evaporated milk - quite similar to our local ice kacang

The vendor assembling the fruits

Vietnamese Spring Roll (deep-fried version)

Pork vermicelli


  1. I'm afraid I dare not try most of them. :(

  2. Little Inbox:

    Hehehe... I'm an adventurous person, I love all the 'exotic' food...

  3. too.. i dont think that attracts me eventhough i m a very "wai sik." so... mingna, which of the above did u try? let me know.. so that next time i might try too... :p

  4. Claire:

    I tried everything, though most of them tasted rather weird.



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