Tuesday, May 18, 2010

'Jap' me at Sushi East

Joel's parents went to Gold Coast last week and assigned me to him as his 'babysitter'. Although this 'koo koo' is as busy as a bee, I can't use it as an excuse to get away from this noble job. Well, it was Sunday and I was rushing in and out to send him from one tuition place to another. Picked him up at 7 p.m. and thought that I could finally call it a day. Joel leaned his face against my shoulder and said, "Koo Koo, hungry..." (X3)

When I was about to tell him that I would take him to the usual economy rice stall for dinner, he pointed at the shophouses along the road and started yelling in excitement: "Unagi! Koo Koo, I want unagi!" That fella really knows about good food, huh? I pulled by the roadside and took him to Sushi East, his favourite "unagi" place.

He was recognised by the waitress instantly when he stepped into the shop.

"Your daddy and mummy didn't come today ah?"

I was seated at a corner of the shop and started browsing at the menu. The waitress came to us and scribbled some words on the note pad before I placed my order.

"He always orders the same food."

Oh... my seven-year-old nephew is their regular customer... I see... I see...

Unagi Sushi for Joel

Shoyu Salmon

Deep-fried Calamari

Salmon fried rice (for the poor Koo Koo)


  1. mingna: where is this sushi east? not ipoh, right? if it is, do tell.. girl loves sushi vely much.. lol...

  2. Claire:

    Bandar Medan Baru Ipoh
    (behind Jaya Jusco)
    (next to Station One)
    (just a stone's throw from Precious One)



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