Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mini Egg Tarts from Guang Zhou Bakery, Carnarvon Street

I saw a photo taken by one of the bloggers featuring a tray of oven fresh egg tarts with wobbly egg custard. According to the blogger, Guang Zhou Bakery, a traditional Chinese Pastry shop, is located beside Seng Thor Coffee Shop, another highly acclaimed coffee shop in Georgetown. After making several wrong turnings into a few unknown lanes, finally I came to Seng Thor Coffee Shop. Initially I wasn't quite sure if the bakery next to Seng Thor was the shop which I was looking for as there was hardly any signboard outside its premise. I was approached by an old lady who was busy assembling the cakes and kuihs. I asked her if that was Gunag Zhou Bakery and she nodded. I was so delighted that I had come to the right place. I looked around but couldn't find any tarts. I had to resort to asking the old lady whether the tarts had been sold out. She raised her arm and led me to a tray near the oven. 
EGG TARTS! I had found egg tarts! But wait... those tarts looked so dainty and petite. They appeared much smaller compared to the normal sized egg tarts. How lucky I was! That tray of mini egg tarts had just come out fresh from the oven. The old lady said I had to buy a minimum of 10 if I wished to have some. I was ready to fork out at least RM6 to RM7 for a box of 10 tarts but to my surprise, each mini tart cost only RM0.35! Gladly, I paid and grabbed one box of it.

Contrary to the common belief that cheap things do not taste nice, these little devils are tastier than the egg tarts from most of the dim sum joints in Penang.

Guang Zhou Bakery
Carnarvon Street


  1. yo.... so cheap!!! i must go and grab too.... hahhahaa.. like ngor kwai for egg tarts.. my son is going back this week but i will go end of this month..

  2. Claire:

    Make sure you reach there before 10 a.m. Very laku leh...

  3. Is tht halal for muslim? Its look soo yummy,,,



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