Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hokkien Noodle a.k.a Prawn Mee at Golden Point Food Court

Where can you find the best hokkien mee in Ipoh? My mother loves the one at Timur Coffee Shop in Ipoh Garden East. Shrimp paste is added into the soup thus gives it a thicker consistency and richer flavour compared to the orangey soup served by most vendors. My dad is also a fan of Hokkien noodles but he is a supporter of authenticity than creativity. He still prefers the traditional style of Hokkien mee with diluted soup base. Hence, one of his favourite eating places is Golden Point food court in Bercham.

No innovation is seen in this bowl of prawn noodles. Just simple and original.

Always end your meal with a cup of local kopi which simply puts a smile on your face


  1. mingna: this hokkien mee in GP or ipoh garden east? where is this timur shop? is it near the antap cafe there?

  2. Claire:

    At golden point.
    Timur shop is located in front of Beacon Point



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