Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Home made English (or Malaysian?) Afternoon Tea

An English Afternoon Tea is a very special treat to prepare for your family and friends. This very English tradition is well practised by my family. Yesterday, I invited my colleagues to my place to savour a not-so-typical English afternoon tea whereby tea was substituted with coffee and scones were missing from the list. It took me merely an hour to come up with 5 types of cakes and pastries and a pot of home brew coffee. (The Swiss rolls are from JJ cake shop)

We started with a selection of very thin cheese sandwiches.
(Preparation time: 10 minutes)

This was followed by pear torte coming out fresh from the oven 
(one of them thought it was char siew instead of pear)
(Preparation time + Baking time: 30 minutes)

 The third item we sampled was chicken pie laden with chicken chunks and 3-coloured beans.
(Preparation time + Baking time: 40 minutes) 

The last savoury pastry we ate was sardine puff
(Preparation time + Baking time: 30 minutes) 

Last but not least, we finished off with something sweet - 
Yam Swiss Roll and Sweet Potato Swiss Roll 
(the only store-bought dessert for the day)

Coffee with cold milk is served with this tea set. 
(Since I am not a 'Teh' person, can I rename it as 'English Afternoon Coffee Set'?)

A complete tea set from various angles


  1. my goodness MingNA!!! did u do all that? except for the JJ... u really came up with so much goodies?? my my..my... i must salute u.. so.. may I be your guest one day? :p

  2. Claire:

    You're very welcome to join me in the next coffee addicts' party ...



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