Friday, May 21, 2010

Beautiful cake gone to waste!

Dear GCE, did you get a good look of the whole cake on Monday? I felt so sad when you told me that some of them actually threw the whole slice of this beautiful cake into the bin. They are so terrible! In the first place, if they didn't feel like having one, they simply shouldn't have accepted it when it was delivered to them. What a waste! These people ought to be given a lesson. They should perhaps learn their lesson the hard way!
Am I too mean???


  1. 那天远望没发现蛋糕那么漂亮,卖相真好!暴殄天物,看了心疼。你说的一点也不过分。

  2. gosh!!! why did they throw away? at least ask me to eat on behalf.. :p the cake looks so special.. what type of cake is it..

  3. GCE:

    May be I should take a picture of those cakes being dumped into the bin and show it to Mr Chee... Must also run a DNA test on the saliva left behind to identify who the culprits are.


    Sigh... not everyone is passionate about good food... Too many people are taking it for granted.



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