Monday, May 31, 2010

Breakfast at Casuarina Hotel

Two MOs were on leave for the last three days so everyone of us had to work for three consecutive days from morning till midnight. These new and young ones never put their priority on work. "I'm entitled for ...... days of leave, so I mustn't let it go to waste." Sigh ~~~

They were finally back on the fourth day. Natalie and I grabbed our bags and left the moment they clocked in. I wanted to go home straight but Natalie was famished for she had not eaten anything since 3 p.m. the day before. I was feeling a little hungry too so I suggested Pappa Rich but she said occasionally we need to pamper ourselves by spending more on food. Hence, we changed our mind and drove ourselves to one of the 4 star hotels in town for a hearty breakfast. 

Natalie can really eat so she ordered the English Breakfast set @ RM18.90. This extra large meal can be divided into at least four normal breakfast servings of mine.

My breakfast shouldn't be called breakfast as Fish 'n Chips (RM16.90) is usually served as lunch or dinner. I don't fancy chips so I left it aside but Natalie scooped everything onto her plate after wolfing down the huge platter.


  1. Wei, I didn't finish all the chips la... I took just a few sticks.

  2. But you transfered all onto your plate. Your initial plan was to sapu everything, right?

  3. mingna, yours is really a small portion.. but then, i am also like u.. will order fish instead of lamb or beef..



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