Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting pastries from a stall on the street

There is one famous roadside pastry stall in Taiping selling good pastries in the evening. I used to buy pies and tarts from this street-side vendor for breakfast (the following day). I stopped buying from her for quite some time until I saw one of my colleagues eating a kaya puff yesterday. As I always have special passion towards pastries, I asked her where she got the puff from (the puff looked tempting, of course). She told me about this stall and immediately I recalled the days I used to buy from her whenever I chanced along the street. An hour ago, I made a trip there trying to bring back some past memories of mine. The same vendor is there, at the same location, busy assembling the freshly baked pastries on the tray. She is still using the same mobile stall which is merely half the size of a normal metal mobile stall. Do not underestimate this lady vendor as she uses such limited space to bake and sell at the same time. Her pastries are always fresh because everything is made freshly on the spot. Thus, different varieties of pastries are seen going in and out of the two ovens from 6 p.m. onwards.

You will never miss the cheerful looking lady vendor who puts up a one-man-show every evening.

These little ovens can create wonders (look at the pastries on top of the ovens)

Coconut Tarts

Assorted cheese tarts and Apple Tarts Lattice (with strips on top)

Curry Tarts

Kaya Puffs and Siew Paos

Hahahahahahaha.... these are my favourite - EGGY TARTS!!!

Tuna Pies

The cross road between Prima Coffee Shop and China City Coffee Shop
Off Jalan Kota


  1. wow what a variety ... and they look so good.

  2. Sin Tai Lim:

    There may be a wide array of pastries but not everything is good...

  3. Hey, those tartlets look very nice, I guess many will simply get attracted by the pastries. I want to have one too...

  4. Hungry di...... so delicious looking!

  5. the tarts look so delicious..yum yum<3 but the seller look a bit fat..wahaha..
    anyway,thank you for uploaded the photos..



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