Saturday, May 22, 2010

Breakfast at Beacon Point

Beacon Point is one of the very few restaurants which offers you with authentic English cuisine at a very affordable price. The shop has a very simple and nondescript shopfront.The interior of the shop exhibits a real contrast from its shopfront with its charming and cosy dining ambiance. 

Beacon Point is famous for its wide selection of cheesecakes 

You will be spoilt for the choice of food shown in the extensive menu 

Plain, simple and comortable.

Scrambled eggs on toast @ RM4.50 nett

 Singaporean Fried Noodles @ RM8.10 (Breakfast set with coffee)

Their very famous Chicken Pie @ RM5.70

A picture paints a thousand words...


  1. mingna, did u go there yesterday morning? in fact i was there around 12pm.. wanted to take set lunch with my girl there but she changed her mind and we ended up in Scotch pub instead. :)
    I have been there two times only.. but havent tried the apple pie yet..:)

  2. Claire:

    It's Chicken Pie.
    Anyway, I left at around 10.45.
    So, how was the food in Scotch. Heard that Scotch steak is very nice but I don't take beef.



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