Monday, May 24, 2010

Dim Sum at home

Is it possible to have dim sum at home? It's Sunday morning. Everyone in the house seemed to be quite worn out after travelling for 10 consecutive hours the day before. I had the urge of going to a dim sum stall for breakfast but no one was willing to join me. Therefore, I came up with an idea of having Dim Sum at home. I drove from one shop to another trying to get the varieties of food that suit the taste of everyone at home. That was a difficult task as some do not like the siew mai from Shop A while the others find the char siew pao from Shop B taste better than Shop C. I ended up 'sapu'ing our supply from 4 different dim sum stalls. 

Loh Mai Kai from Golden Point

Siew Mai from Fatt Kee

Yue Mai from Cheong Keong

Egg Tarts from Choy Kee
Black Pepper Chicken Pie from the bakery

A complete Dim Sum ensemble!

Note: Natalie is not a good photographer. She has shaky hands and never bothers to adjust the the lens before taking pictures.


  1. Mingna, u really ah... can drive here and there to get the best... but then how come the egg tarts look a bit burnt? or is it like that? have u tried the kg simee egg tarts before? or the town one in Jalan Cockman? Both are equally great...

  2. Claire:

    Kg Simee Choy Kee sells the best egg tarts in Malaysia. The above tarts are from there lah. The one at Cockman Street is known as Hong Kee, to me, it is not so nice compared to Kg Simee.

  3. Hi Lady, wow! Love your self made dim the display presentation too. Outstanding!
    Don't forget the Chinese tea, ha ha.
    I'm sure you have a Black Belt in cooking too.
    Have a pleasant week and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

  4. Uncle Lee:

    Thanks for the compliments.

  5. That is a cool way of having Dim Sum. You got the best of the best in town and the rest get to eat them.

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  7. Travelling requires lots of energy and time... not worth it...



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