Friday, May 7, 2010

Tea at Mong Kok Queensbay

As usual, after submitting my research paper, I will make a trip to Queensbay. After all, it's only five minutes drive from the uni. As my car drove past the guard's house, I saw someone waving frantically at me. It's Siao Juan, an international student from China. I pulled by the roadside and wound down the window to talk to her. She made a dash to the passenger's door and pulled the door lock button. Int a split second, she was already sitting inside my car.
"Hi, you go where?" asked Siao Juan.
"Going for tea." I replied without showing too much enthusiasm.
"Tea? Very good, me also want go..." 

Oh no! She doesn't have a car. In other words, I need to send her back to the uni after that. 
When we arrived at Queensbay, I didn't take the courtesy to ask her what she wanted to eat. Instead, I walked straight to Mong Kok Restaurant and placed my order even before I was seated. 

What else could I have ordered if it weren't for egg tarts?
She saw some Po Lo buns inside the glassy shelves, so she ordered one for herself.
When my egg tart was delivered to me, her eyes were glued to it as though she hadn't had anything for days. 

Politely, I asked her, "Would you like to have one?"

"No, thanks. I cannot finish one tart, a lot, too much."

Her Polo bun came. Suddenly, she pushed the whole plate to me.
"I can eat a little bit the tart if we share the bun, you eat half, I eat half, we try two."

She didn't wait for me to respond to her suggestion and she summoned the waiter over. She passed the two plates to him and asked him to halve the tart and bun. My heart sunk... my tart was gone... When they're back again, nothing was in one piece anymore. 

Egg Tart and Polo Bun (mobile upload)

Iced Cappuccino (mobile upload)

Iced Cappuccino and White Coffee (mobile upload)

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  1. she didn't sound like a nice person at all....



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