Sunday, October 18, 2009

Being a hungry hitch-hiker in Hanoi (1st October 09)

Halong Bay is an obligatory destination for everyone who visits Hanoi. It's approximately two and a half hours drive from Hanoi city.
The rocks are eroded by waves and this creates a unique feature of natural phenomenon in Halong Bay. I doubt this is one of the attractions of Halong Bay.

An unusual local delicacy - grilled pig's intestines.

No idea os what it is? Well, I can't elaborate much about this as I am clueless about this dish which resembles glutinuous rice with floss but tastes rather bland.

This is a more interesting item which comprises 'chee cheong fun' with beancurd gravy. Tastewise? Hmm... worth a try... at least this is better than the unknown dish with glutinous rice.

Deep-fried Vietnamese spring roll

A complete Vietnamese cuisine with several items like vermicelli, pork stew, and spring roll. Its specialities: Eat it like eating soba noodles whereby you need to immerse the noodles into the gravy and eat it together with pork.

The Vietnamese dripping coffee. Trung Nguyen is the sole producer of coffee powder in Hanoi and their products always guarantee good quality.

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