Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hugh Low Street's Hakka Noodles

The most famous Hakka Noodles shop in Ipoh is relocated at Paris Coffee Shop along Jalan Sultan Iskandar.
You will never miss this shop as the same vendor is seen busy working on his noodles since the first customer walks into the shop.

A bowl of mixed fishballs will be served immediately after you are seated. Customers do not really need to 'order' for this item as the vendor is very good at estimating your appetite. Why do I say so? When I was seated, a small bowl of fishball was immediately placed on my table but it was replaced with another bigger bowl with extra balls without my knowledge. As a conclusion, it is all decided by the vendor on how many fishballs a diner should eat at his shop. We don't seem to have a say, do we?

A single portion of noodles with some flavourful minced pork as the topping.

The double servings version is served in a ceramic bowl.

Hugh Low Street's Hakka Noodles
(Paris Coffee Shop)
Jalan Sultan Iskandar

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