Friday, October 9, 2009

Ming Xiang Tai's Egg Tarts & Swatow Lane's Ice Kacang

I drove along the streets around George town and spotted this shop by chance. It was the big icon that attracted me and I couldn't resist but to stop over to check their pastries out. The egg tarts sold here are better known as Trishaw Egg Tarts as they were previously sold from house to house by a trishaw peddlar. Traced by to the history of the shop and found that it was founded in Teluk Intan (a small town in Perak which is famous for its landmark - The Leaning Pagoda). The egg tarts are definitely worth buying for you probably can't get something that is similar to Ipoh's version in Penang. Made with flaky pastry and filled with wobbly egg custard, it is no doubt the better choice one can have in Penang.
The Ice Kacang from Swatow Lane is one of those which receive mostly positive feedback from customers and many food bloggers had actually talked about the Ice Kacang for numerous times. Thus, I don't think I would want to be part of them. In fact, I do not agree with the positive comments on this item. Well, it is still edible anyway.
Ming Xiang Tai Bakery
Jalan Burma

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