Friday, October 16, 2009

Wonderful Hawker Fare at Kimberley Street

Hunting high and low for a plate of decent char keuy tiau but was always dissapointed by the so called 'best char kuey tiau in town'. I had wanted to try this stall long ago but was kind of lazy to drive myself to Georgetown as I always leave USM right away after my night classes. Moreover, other car-poolers are always very eager to go home. Came alone today as I had to sit for a test , I drove myself all the way to Kimberley Street to savour this highly-acclaimed char kuey tiau in Penang. When I finally arrived at Kimberley Street, I was welcomed by the fragrant smell of CKT along the street. Looks like I'd come to the right place, at last! The CKT man whom I saw from the magazine is no longer the cook. Instead, his job is taken over by his daughter (the successor, I guess) who can also fry the noodles furiously like the father.
Her fried kuey tiau is more fragrant than the others because she uses a seafood-infused oil which has earlier been used to fry prawns and mantis prawns. She first fries a big batch of noodles over a charcoal fire with seasonings such as soy sauce. Then she fries each order individually, taking what they need from the heap of pre-fried noodles. My plate of char KT with special toppings (mantis prawns and big prawns) is very fragrant, dry and not oily at all. I must say that this is definitely one of the best in Penang, compared to the one opposite Pulau Tikus Police Station and the other at Jalan Selamat (lady in goggle).
As for drinks, I ordered Leng Chee Kang (also known as See Ko Teng). Hmm... nothing special about their dessert despite having been branded as the best at Swatow Lane.

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