Sunday, May 9, 2010

Breakfast at Toh Soon Coffee Shop

Toh Soon Cafe, a popular coffee joint in Penang, remains as one of the most patronised local coffee stalls which offers you with a feeling of nostalgia when you walk along the side lane looking for a place to sit. This highly-acclaimed 'kopi' place serves the usual breakfast staple, namely toast, coffee and half-boiled eggs.

Where else in Malaysia can you get such unique dining area, where you get to enjoy your food beside the drain and look at all walks of life at the same time. I'm not lying, since this is a side lane connecting one crossroad to another, local folks are so used to walking past the stall after doing their marketing, so are the stall owner and diners who are not bothered at all by the passers-by.

Size doesn't really matter as they work efficiently and comfortably in the kitchen which can accommodate not more than 5 at one time.

I salute this man whose main job is to toast the bread over a burning charcoal fire. I don't think it's easy to squat right in front of the fire for hours though very little skill is needed in the nature of his job.

See, the bread is nicely browned. Guess how long it takes for the above crust to form? Not less than 8 minutes. If I were him.... sigh...

A cup of thick local coffee is a must-have

The toast did not turn out as crispy as what I'd expected. Instead, it's so pillowy soft and nice to eat.

The half-boiled egg came readily-cracked in a clear coffee cup. 
Another perfectly done old comfort food *grinned*

Toh Soon Cafe,
Jalan Campbell,

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  1. hey, where is it ah.. toh soon cafe.. must ask what road that is.. nowadays where got roti done by charcoal already? good.. wanna try!



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