Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Dinner

An unfilial daughter who earns more than enough treat her mother an Abalone feast took her mother to Canton-i instead for a bowl of Wonton Noodle on Mother's Day. By law I should be taken out and hanged, for the cold-blooded murder of the noble day. Actually, mummy loves the food from Canton-i very much. She would be on cloud nine every time when I told her that I wanted to take her to Canton-i. After all, wonton noodle is one of her favourites after prawn noodle.

Oh, my duck...

A huge slab of roast pork, guess how many arteries will get clogged if I eat the whole thing?

Hehe... finally you're mine!

A combo set of succulent char siew and crispy roast pork served with dry wonton noodle

View my 'sins' from various angles

Sui Kow (Dumpling) with Wonton Noodle

Shrimp Wonton Noodle 
(can't see the wonton? Because the authentic wonton noodles are served with the wontons underneath the noodle, resting on he spoon).

Cold platter consists of Blanched Octopus and Jellyfish drizzled with sesame oil

Dad prefers the octopus, Mum likes the jellyfish and I like both!

Succulent and Juicy

Our choice of tea - Po Lei
A tea light candle was lit under the teapot tray to help keep the tea warm

Queensbay Mall
Bayan Baru


  1. hey...this meal puts me to shame la.. somemore u said u were unfilial.. i more guilty then.. gave my mum my tasteless steamboat and bits of cakes.. :(
    the wanton mee looks so fantastic. must be very expensive eating there..

  2. Claire:

    The noodles cost RM13.80 to RM 14.80 excluding taxes. The cold platter is RM16.80 and the pot of tea is RM10.00. So was it xpensive or reasonable?

  3. That was a Good Treat for your Mum...

  4. As long as your mom loves it, right? Abalone or not, it doesn't matter.

  5. Sin Tai Lim:

    Mum really loves it...

    Little Inbox:

    Hmm... you're right. Thanks.

  6. Yummmmmm! Looks like a great meal, and yummy photos too - Love the shots of the porky stuff ;-)

    Cheers from Abu Dhabi ... missing Malaysia!

  7. Julian Si:

    If it wasn't for your blog, we wouldn't know that pork is not banned at all in the Middle East.
    I must say that people throughout the world are generally more civilised than our own people.



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