Monday, May 17, 2010

Brekky No.10

Having breakfast in the office has become a habitual action to me. Every morning, the first thing I do when I reach the office is to empty the remaining water in the thermo pot and refill it to its maximum level. This job requires me to carry a 5-litre container with water and walk up the stairs to the first floor. I'm so used to it that I do not think that this is an extra work to me until a colleague asked me why I am the only person doing this in the office. I explained to her that I am one of the users so naturally it becomes part of my responsibilities. She smiled and said, "Many others are using it as well, but none of them volunteers to do it, you see that?"
I pondered for a while and told myself, "Well, I'm one of the regular users and one of the youngest, so I should be the one who is doing it, right?"

Back to my daily brekky in the office, my breakfast isn't the very sumptuous type, it's very plain and simple, but never fails to look appetising to me.

Monday: Robert Timms Italian Espresso + Espresso Tart and Durian Tart
(mobile upload)

Tuesday: Egg Sandwich + Cheese Sandwich + Nescafe
(mobile upload)

Wednesday: Chicken Pie + Flat White
(mobile upload)


  1. where did u get that yummy durian tart??? gosh.. feel like having a bite.. and the sandwiches, home made ones?
    u carry 5 litres of water each day? gosh.. i carried only 2 litres.. and up the lift too... :p

  2. Durian Tart and Espresso Tart are from the John King outlet in Queensbay Mall.



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