Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pangkor Island Seafood Galore

After spending two days in the wonderful Langkawi, we proceeded to Pangkor Island by speedboat.
The food, the sunset, all the seafood!
The beaches are good and clean, the sand was sparkling and glittering,
Overall, this is a truly paradise island and an obligatory place for seafood. 

 Fish in Satay Gravy

 'Kung Poh' Frog

 Steamed Clams

 Steamed Prawns

 Squid Curry

The Village Seafood Restaurant
Pangkor Island


  1. My last trip to Pangkor was more than 10 years ago.. my goodness.. but i have been to sitiawan countless times.. :)

  2. Claire:

    Wow.. it's indeed very long ago... I go to Sitiawan quite often too

  3. wow i like to idea of traveling with speedboat from Langkawi to Pangkor. How long did it take?

  4. Approximately two hours. There is no such service from Langkawi to Pangkor Island. We went by my uncle's private speedboat. He owns one chalet each in both Pangkor Laut and Langkawi.



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