Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chicken Pie from Ipoh Bakery

Taiping has many bakeries but not all the bakeries provide both quantity and quality. If you are looking for some good pastries which are big on taste and size, you shouldn't miss this place - Ipoh Bakery.
So, what's so good about Ipoh Bakery?
1. It's the oldest bakery in town
2. It maintains the quality of its food as the food QC is under the supervision of the boss.
3. Their price of the pastries ranges from 80 sen to RM3.50.

Their signature item - Chicken Pie (RM2.90)

The plump and juicy chicken pie comes out fresh from the oven at around 10 in the morning. Only 10 pies will be made in a day so I always make sure I arrive early to grab one for lunch.
 The piping hot pie is best served with a cup of cappuccino.
Ipoh Bakery,
Jalan Taming Sari (Main Road)


  1. for a moment, i tot ipoh got this bakery.. sigh.. taiping is it? i must go next time.. hope i can remember..

  2. Claire:

    Taiping is merely an hour from Ipoh. I make a weekly pilgrimage to Ipoh so travelling is not a problem... hehe.

    Little Inbox:

    Yeah, that chicken pie is my all-time favourite.



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