Friday, April 2, 2010

Chung Hwa Chicken Rice Balls

I am a DONKEY! This was what I kept telling myself today. I am a donkey simply because I'd been doing lots of donkey job today. A letter came from the department and I was asked to attend a half-day course in Malacca. You must be wondering why I consider this as a donkey job since I can sneak out from the office to go CUTI-CUTI MALAYSIA again. I wasn't really that pissed off the moment the letter arrived on my table (not addressed to me) until I read the following lines:

Tuan/Puan tidak layak menuntut elaun pengangkutan, elaun makanan dan elaun harian.

In other words,I have to work for FREE!!!!!! Where got FAIR?!

Luckily the course ended before 12.30 so I had ample time to drive myself to Jonker Street for lunch. Well, what else is on the list if it is not Chicken Rice Ball? 

Drove past this iconic landmark, simply took a picture of it.


Rice Balls!

Chung Hwa Chicken Rice Ball


  1. Wait, you're also with the government? Hahaha, why tak layak menuntut elaun perjalanan?
    Maybe they try to persuade you to use office vehicle?

  2. J2Kfm:

    Also? You mean you are attached to the government as well?



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