Thursday, December 31, 2009

Seafood Dinner at Hai Lian Sen

Hai Lian Sen is located in Sungai Kerang, Perak. It is approximately 35 km from Taiping town. From Taiping, head towards Trong and make a right turn at the one and only traffic lights. Drive for another 10 km and you will come to a T-junction. Turn left and go straight on. Continue driving for another 10 km and the seafood restaurant can be seen on your left.

Double boiled Chicken Soup

Stir-fried crab - Kam Heong Style

 Stir-fried crab in sweet and sour sauce

 Stir-fried frogs - Kung Po style

 Steamed Kepah

 Steamed Prawns in Siu Heng wine

 Squid curry

 Total damage = RM158 for 7 pax

Hai Lian Sen
Sg Kerang Main Road


  1. hey, never been there nor heard of it.. thanks for sharing this info.. will ask my taiping fren over there..

  2. Claire:
    Very nice seafood, must try...

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