Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hong Kong & Macau - Day 4 (Part 1: Leitaria I Son / Yee Shun Milk Products)

Boarded the earliest ferry at China Ferry Harbour, we moved on to the next destination - MACAU! The whole journey was merely an hour as New Ferry travels at an unusually high speed.

At the ferry terminal, signboards are clear and abundant. Our Malaysia transport system should perhaps learn something from Hong Kong so that we won't get lost so easily on the road. Many foreign friends of mine actually complained to me about the lack of roadsigns in almost every part of the country. This is particularly true in Ipoh.

People rushing to Macau for various reasons ...... 

The interior of Macau Harbour resembles an airport terminal

At the ferry terminal, we took the town bus No.33A to reach Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, the main road in Macau.  We alighted in front of Largo de Senado and made our way to Leitaria I Son or better known as Yee Shun Milk Products. 

Leitaria I Son is famous for Double Steamed Milk Custard and Steamed Egg Custard.

Double Steamed Milk Custard gets its name from the layer of coagulated skin that forms on the surface of the custard.  Mum and I had high expectations on the dessert but were disappointed by the custard that came as smooth as a mirror. The lady owner explained that the dessert was newly made and had yet to form the layer of skin. Without the skin, it looked like an ordinary steamed milk pudding. However, the custard was big on taste with a strong scent of milk. As for the steamed egg custard, it was equally good except for being overly sweet.

 We shared one Polo Bun

A road sign that brings back nostalgic memories

 Largo de Senado is decorated in conjunction with the Christmas season.

Macau Post Office



  1. hello mingna... the egg tart attracted me again in this post.. Happy Kor Tong Chit to u too...

  2. merry christmas to you and your family!!!

  3. ooo i love leitaria i son's milk puddings!!! i was in macau for 3 days and went for the milk pudding every single day. :P



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