Monday, January 24, 2011

Green Tea Cappuccino

I am new to fusion food and haven't the clue where to get one. Knowing that the fluid that bathes my cells comprises 90% concentrated coffee, those who care never get bored over advising the coffee addict to switch to something healthier like TEA. Too innocent to admit that I am deeply poisoned after a prolonged use of caffeine.

"Coffee, coffee boil and bubble;
Fire burn, and water bubble.
Beans of the Blue Mountain,
In the grinder crash and smash;
Huge pile of coffee dust,
Deadly aroma locked and retained,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-concoction boil and bubble."

"Coffee, coffee boil and bubble;
Fire burn, and water bubble.
Press it with a plunger,
Then the coffee charm is strong and overpowering.
O well done! I slurp my heart out;
And everyone shall feel my rushing adrenaline
And now about the coffee pot sing
Live ghosts of Caffeine in a parade
Enchanting all that I put in."

I listened, and I nodded. I accepted the kind offer of some steaming hot tea and rushed it from the tip of my throat through its path. Cheering over her victory, the good Samaritan left with a rewarding smile. Me, and me again, remained seated, without uttering a word of sigh. I was waiting patiently for the nausea to set in. Too innocent to tell her that I can't take tea.

I was unsure if I would want to keep on trying, till my nerves could withstand the fatal scent of tea. If only it could, I doubted. Then, I saw this --- Macha Cappuccino. Just pour hot boiling water into this instant cappuccino, a cap of frothy foam will form, along with the aroma of green tea. It looks exactly like a green coloured version of cappuccino, despite being coffee-less.

Back to the question: Should I change from drinking coffee to tea? To 'tea' or not to 'tea', it's up to me...
Macha Cappuccino


  1. Green tea is good for health.. i tried drinking and then i felt faint and nausea after that... so after that, i stopped taking any kind of tea. :)

  2. Claire:

    You cannot take tea too? What a coincidence! Haha.



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