Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Pie Horror Day!

O pie! what flavour hath Thou put on my tongue,
Which have no conformity with the coffee's vow;
Or, if they have, why ain't the buds of taste sung,
That rebukes severely what they perceive now?
O scorched pie! with burn marks thou shove me off,
How can it? O! How can thy hideousness be scoff?

The precious drop
A scorched tuna pie, as a result of my negligence.
Pie of the 3-U's --- Ugliness, Unattractiveness and Unsightliness.
An unmatched pair!


  1. Don't waste it.. give it to my Labbie.. :) but some prefer the crispiness, just take away the burnt parts and they are as good as the normal ones!

  2. Claire:

    Initially I wanted to throw it away but ended up eating the whole of it... together with the cancer-causing substance.



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