Thursday, August 12, 2010

I baked an Apple Crumble Pie again!

I baked an apple crumble pie again. In fact, it is not an 'again' because the topping was different compared to the previous apple pie. When I baked the first apple pie covered with the pastry lid, Lian told me that she preferred the crumbly type of apple pie than mine. As a kiasu baker, I swore to her that I would bake her one soon. It was not so soon after all because she had waited for 5 long months to finally see an apple pie with crumbles on top. I invited Wendy and Ms. Sitiawan to the food tasting session (Tasting = eating 2 wedges of pie each). I was ever ready to receive comments but Lian did not say a word. Wendy said that she would go for the first pie that came with a pastry lid for she did not enjoy eating pastries that are far too crumbly.

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