Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Captivating Sceneries in Europe

When I changed the header of my blog, one of my colleagues complimented me on the new header. She is a nature lover, and she enjoys taking pictures of green and nature. On the contrary, I am more interested in buildings and places. The picture in the new header was taken in Paris 2 years ago. When I flipped the album, I noticed that I had actually taken quite a number of pictures featuring some breathtaking sceneries throughout Europe. Here, I have selected a few captivating ones to be shared with all of you.

Engelberg, Switzerland

Dorfstrasse, Switzerland

Titlis, Switzerland

Titlis, Switzerland

Mulhouse, France

Black Forest, Germany

Schwazwalder, Germany

Sevenoaks district of Kent, England


  1. wow...mingna, what camera are u using?? the scenery looks so breathtaking.. motivating me to sign up for an europe tour next week.. got matta fair in ipoh.. are u going? any more trips to go?

  2. by the way, what are all those ... rollers in the pictures?

  3. Nice pictures! So leisurely and carefree.

  4. Claire:

    Those are haystacks, large piles of hay which are dried and rolled as to prepare for winter. Cattle eat hay during winter.


    Thank you...

  5. Claire:

    Hope you enjoy yourself in Europe. As for me, I am planning a Taiwan trip end of this year.

  6. Are they Copyrights protected?



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