Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tea Time at Starbucks

It's just another perfect day for tea. Our mind was not loaded with much worries despite having been tormented by tonnes of unfinished tasks and paper work. We decided to give ourselves a break, since we really needed one, and we really deserved one. Before our pens ran out of ink, we put it aside. Just wonder when we can finally stop reading, assessing, counting and repeating the same procedures over and over again until the last script appears before us. Life really sucks, especially during this season. Lucky for us, that tomorrow is the last day. The one-week break which all of us are looking forward to is finally here, though it may be a bit too short. Time flies, doesn't it?
"Stop asking for your paper! I need more time to read your ever long-winded answers, line by line and sheet by sheet. This is very important to you, you know? You want me to be serious too, don't you?"
Going to repeat the above sentences again tomorrow, for one last time before I can get away from those eager and demanding eyes begging for their papers.

Wendy, are you going through the same situation now?

Ming Na  : Hey, where do you want to go for tea?
Wendy    : Up to you. How about some cakes and coffee?
Ming Na  : Okay...
Wendy    : Let's go to Secret Recipe.

Instead of SR, the two famished tea time kaki walked into Starbucks.

Chocolate chip banana muffin
(Wendy, why do you like banana so much?)

(my pastry looks more tempting)

Fancy duets?

French Roast (extra bold) brewed in the plunger (French press)

It's tea time again...

Wendy, hope you are not overdosed on caffeine tonight. If you can't sleep, please think of me. 'Counting sheep' won't help, trust me!

P.S. Congrats, you have more time for marking tonight. I will burn the midnight oil too. :p


  1. Really have a relaxing tea time with you! Thanks.

  2. Wendy:

    I enjoyed your company too. :)

  3. the muffin looks good.. i wanna go there one day..

  4. Claire:

    Th eclair is equally good. Take your daughter along so that you can order both.

  5. Duckie:

    Starbucks coffee is always better than Secret Recipe



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