Sunday, September 12, 2010

MOF Japanese Sweets and Coffee at Pavillion

I don't have a sweet tooth, except for egg tarts, so I do not have too much resistance against any sugary treats. MOF (may be an abbreviation for Ministry of Food), is a dessert shop selling Japanese themed food. Haven't heard much about this place, but always wanted to give it a try as my eyes got hungry every time when I walked past the desserts displayed in the cabinet. The breakfast at La Bodega was a light one, with the intention of reserving ample rooms for dessert. 

At last, we made it to MOF Japanese Sweets and Coffee, to investigate on our endurance on SUGAR!
Think of Japanese dessert, think of ice-cream made of fresh milk from Hokkaido. 
We ordered the Macha Zen simply because it is their signature item.
This is truly a Japanese dessert for you get to savour three types of dessert at one go:
Macha ice-cream, Japanese dumplings and chilled red bean paste.
The ice-cream is very smooth, creamy and contains very little air spaces. As for the dumplings, they are rather tasteless but mummy likes the chewy texture a lot. Our worst nightmare is the red bean paste which is so horribly SWEET!!! Wonder if tonnes of sugar had been added into the paste? Mum asked for a cup of water and we tried to dilute the red bean paste with water, hoping that we could at least finish it without letting it go to waste. With the addition of 250 ml of water, the paste remained intolerable. We had no choice but to give it up.
MOF Japanese Sweets and Coffee
Level 1, Pavilion,
Kuala Lumpur.


  1. I thought sugar is getting expensive these days! when I looked at the pic, i thought it was ice cream in chocolate, like the one i ate in swenson... lol...

  2. I really love desserts. It really makes me mouth-watering lor....I taste before Jap red bean paste - damn SWEET one...So i might know how does it taste like! Lol

  3. Claire:

    I wish I could eat that much melted chocolate but thinking of the amount of calories... better not.


    In future if someone tells me about Japanese dessert again, I would definitely run away from it.



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