Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bidor Duck Thigh Noodles

Bidor is a small town in Perak. The completion of the North-South Plus highway 2 decades ago had tremendously reduced the number of travellers along the federal trunk road which cuts through Bidor town. This resulted in the many small towns in Perak to turn into a sleepy hollow, namely Tanjung Malim, Slim River, Bidor, Tapah etc. However, Bidor is the least affected town due to its location as a junction town leading to Teluk Intan in another direction. Therefore, many still pass through Bidor on their way to Teluk Intan, and they usually stop over for food before continuing their journey. 

This town has a main attraction that make travellers keep coming back for it. That's the famous Duck Thigh Noodles at Pun Chun Restaurant. 

Duck Thigh in very flavourful herbal soup.

Egg Noodles

Their Yam Puff (Woo Kok) is another notable item in this restaurant.

The yam puff has a very crispy outer layer, encasing very juicy and tasty pork filling

Pun Chun Restaurant
Jalan Besar,
Bidor, Perak.


  1. The egg noodles looks quite springy. I always look for egg noodle. :)

  2. Angeline:

    Too bad we can't get good taro puff in Taiping

    Little Inbox:

    They call their egg noodles 'extra-thin silver thread' wonton noodles.



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