Monday, September 20, 2010

Kim Tavern @ Sunway Carnival Mall

Last Wednesday, Dr Jafre was on leave. I had no choice but to meet him outside so I waited for him at the Carrefour hypermarket in Seberang Jaya. After the consultation session, I left Carrefour for dinner. Drove past Victoria Station, I asked Mum if she wanted to eat steak since I had not been to Victoria Station for more than a year. Mum was quite undecided because she wanted to go for some real carbo treats. I seldom go to Seberang Jaya so I hardly know any restaurants around serving good Chinese food. Mum doesn't fancy hawker's food so I had to cross Chai Leng Park off the list. Since Sunway Carnival Mall is merely a stone's throw away from Victoria Station, we wasted no time by heading towards the lower ground floor of the mall for food. Mum spotted a restaurant painted in orange and showed me a 'Shall we?' look. 

Kim Tavern @ Sunway Carnival Mall

Fresh Orange (RM3.50) and Hot Mocha (RM3.50)

Taiwan-styled Minced Chicken and Braised Egg Noodles @ RM7.90

The minced meat was very flavourful and the fragrant gravy was infused into the soup when I gave it a nice stir.

Noticed any changes in the soup?

Creamy Satay Chicken Bento Set @RM8.50

The set includes a bowl of Miso soup, half a sambal egg and a small serving of salad.

Large pieces of chicken coated with creamy satay sauce

P.S. Wendy, Taiwan shi wu zhen de hen hao chi.

Kim Tavern
Food Street, Lower Ground
Sunway Carnival Mall
Seberang Jaya


  1. Looks like cintan mee but i still love it! i prefer that to rice anytime.. :)

  2. Claire:

    That's Cintan Noodles. I like noodles too!

  3. I was at this mall last Saturday and it was my first time there. Not easy to find the place luckily I carry along my Garmin.

  4. Sin Tai Lim:

    Not much to see compared to those in Penang Island.

  5. I love instant noodle "kam tan min". I never get bored de...

  6. Angeline:

    Instant noodles can be rather fattening. I try to avoid taking noodles on a regular basis.

  7. I went there once only. I tried their tom yam fried noodle, chicken drumstick, and some kind of drinks.

  8. Little Inbox:

    I would say the food is quite decent and tasty.
    How about you?



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