Thursday, September 16, 2010

Noodle Throwing in Bercham

Have you heard of noodle acrobatics? I suppose all of us have watched this in some travel programmes on ASTRO. If you want to see a live show, you can perhaps go to Shanxi where the people turn the simple act of noodle making into over-the-top acrobatics. Such amazing stunts can rarely be seen in Malaysia. Some shops may have hired the expatriates to perform the same act in the restaurant but I believe you will have to fork out more money for the bowl of noodles. 

I have discovered a place where I can sit comfortably while watching an even more stunning noodle acrobatics without extra charges. In other words, you only pay for the food and get a free entertainment in return. 

This is my favourite wonton noodle stall in Bercham - Tai Kong Coffee Shop

Show time ~ ~ ~

Bravo!!! Shouldn't he be given an award for such an impressive noodle throwing act?

This is what you get: springy noodles tossed with just the right amount of soy sauce.

Their shrimp wonton is also one of the best in Ipoh.
Don't you think it looks like a gold fish? That's the perfect wonton shape as being defined by the Hongkies.

A complete set of wonton noodles (plus free entertainment) @ RM2.60

Tai Kong Coffee Shop
Lorong 8, Jalan Bercham
Bercham, Ipoh.


  1. wow..... i didnt know about this, Mingna.. i must go...must ask bercham fren where this shop is... so acrobatic one..haaha...

  2. Claire:

    I live in Bercham, guess I can your local foodie guide.

  3. when when.... write to me lar..

  4. Write to me too! :)
    I wanna join in the fun. I never even heard about this stall. Though the prawn wantan at Shine Noodles in Bercham is good enough, though pricey at RM1 each.

  5. J2Kfm:

    What?!! RM1.00 each? It's perhaps the most pricey in Ipoh. May be they include abalone into the filling.



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