Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good morning, Sunday!

 Good morning! It's breakfast time again. Thinking of how to brighten up my day, I put away my car keys and wallet. No more going out for breakfast. No more standing beside tables waiting for the others to force food into their mouths (If only they could ignore the stare of those who are waiting to take over their seats, they could take their own sweet time to eat at ease). I understand the sickening feeling of being 'signalled' to leave, since I myself hate it so much. Hence, I've decided to stay at home.  I know the way to cheer myself up and pamper myself with wonderful treats even without leaving the house. 

This is not any typical E.A.T. (English Afternoon Tea) but M.M.M. - Mingna's Morning Makan!

Maxwell House Cafe Vienna is a good choice of breakfast coffee.

 Simple but good enough to feed 4 mouths.

 Cranberry Scones

Chocolate Layered Soft Bread

Japanese Baked Cheesecake Slices

Assorted Danish - Cocktail Croissant, Chocolate Pleated Danish & Custard Danish

Black Pepper Chicken Pie
Just another simple breafast ensemble
Chicken Pie & Chocolate Filled Puff Pastry
M.M.M. is available at Ming Na's Residence in Taiping & Ipoh.


  1. HI Mingna,where are u today? Taiping or IPoh? can u email me at this reanact(at)
    Wanna pass u something if u r in IPoh.. :)

  2. Ming Na, where u stay at Taiping?

  3. Chocolate Layered Soft Bread - where u get it?

  4. Cariso:

    From RT Bakery in Taman Desa, Selangor.



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