Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Red Sagu Dessert with Bee Tai Bark???

I like to eat Yong Tau Foo (or better known as 'Chow Liew' in Ipoh). I usually go to Tai She Keok for a bowl of piping hot laksa, perfected with an extra scoop of  shrimp paste (har kou) and a couple of Chow Liew. I like the liew and I think this stall sells the best liew among its rivals in Pasir Pinji. On the contrary, my uncle always says that the corner shop along Jalan Pasir Pinji sells even chunkier and tastier liew. He would be very delighted if someone invited him over for some 'chow liew' at the coffee shop. Very few seem to see eye to eye with him so the pitiful old man always eats alone. Being a wonderful niece, I went all the way to Waller Court to take him to the coffee shop for lunch. When I drove past the coffee shop, I discovered something new (for my age). There was a pushcart at the corner of Jalan Pasir Pinji selling some kind of cold concoction.

This stall sells Red Sagu (Sek Lau Ji), rice flour strips (Bee Tai Bark
and jelly made of seaweed extract (wan tau long).

Red Sagu & Bee Tai Bark

The vendor scooping the red sagu onto the bowl of shaved ice

Red Sagu Dessert (front) and Bee Tai Bark (back)

A beautiful and refreshing dessert

I added the smooth and cooling jelly, wan tau long, into my bowl of red sagu dessert.

Melting moments......

Red Sagu Dessert
Jalan Pasir Pinji


  1. yes..this one is at the corner of the shop in pasir pinji.. i seldom go there bec out of the way and i know weekends sure is crowded.. :)

  2. Claire:

    Many youngsters flock in the stall and they seem to be quite curious over the red ruby-like sagu, I'm one of them... Hehe

  3. Wah, MingNa, long time i didn't eat Wan Tau Long de...So cooling...

  4. Angeline:

    Any stalls in Taiping selling Wan Tau Long?

  5. Been eating from this stall since I was a kid!
    Imagine that. Back then it was her father who ran this stall, even cycling around the neighbourhood.

  6. J2Kfm:

    At least there is somebody who is willing to take over the business which is so near to extinction. Hopefully we are still able to find this type of comfort food 20 to 30 years later.



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