Thursday, September 9, 2010

Continental Breakfast at La Bodega

How to ensure a good mood throughout the day, particularly on Monday, when all the blues seem to be so overpowering? The answer is simple: Kick start your day with a satisfying breakfast, plus a cosy dining ambiance.
La Bodega, Pavillion

Serving Spanish cuisine, La Bodega is famous for its Tapas and alcoholic beverages.

I ordered this cappuccino to go with my continental breakfast.

The perfectly whipped foam of milk is smooth and palatable.

The 'fresh' orange juice tastes nothing more than artificial orange flavour.
It is actually prepared using concentrated orange extract.

Pancakes with maple syrup @ RM11.00

My choice of pastry: Chocolate croissant 

A complete set of Continental breakfast costs merely RM16.00

The breakfast is simple but big on taste. Compared to stuffing yourself with the continental breakfast buffet in the hotels, this is so much more satisfying. Everything came fresh and hot from the oven and you need not worry about being over-indulged as the portion is just nice to fill up 70% of your tummy's capacity. 

La Bodega
Kuala Lumpur.


  1. MINGNA... From Penang to KL.. u really know where to go for makan... all look so fiery fresh... hot from oven somemore..

  2. Claire:

    Yes... everything is fresh and hot. We go makan at De Garden one day, ok?

  3. Hey you were in KL?
    heh, u should share the big breakfast nx time ;)

  4. thenomadGourmand:

    I saw many eating the big breakfast but I think it's slightly too large for me. However, the big breakfast set looked pretty appetising.



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