Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tiramisu at Alexis Bistro, The Gardens

My most important meal of the day is the afternoon tea break, thus I am very particular on the type of food I eat. As Mum and I were wandering around The Gardens, we saw this cafe at one corner of the 2nd floor of The Gardens. This place is definitely not a stranger to me as I had been to the Bangsar outlet before a few years back. The food is excellent and their dessert is something which I miss the most. Therefore, the highlight of today's post is the oh-so famous Alexis Tiramisu with Cognac.

The tiramisu at Alexis does not look like the normal tiramisu with layers of mascapone cheese alternating with liquored-soaked sponge fingers. This version looks slightly more interesting with loads of chunky caramelised nuts sprinkled on top of the cake. However, the main attraction of the cake is actually the brandy they use in making the dessert. Instead of kahlua and coffee liquor, cognac, a stronger alcoholic liquid is used. The presence of brandy has created wonders to the dessert and made it the tiramisu to die for.

Tiramisu @ RM16 ++

Can you see the generous amount of whole almonds on top of the cake?

The cake is served with homemade strawberry jam

Frankly speaking, I would omit the jam as it overshadows the taste of the tiramisu.
Alexis Bistro and Bar
2nd floor 
The Gardens
Kuala Lumpur


  1. Another "tarn" moment.. :) when i saw the red patch, I thought it was chilli sauce :)

  2. I shud say Ooh,La La... nice tiramisu cake...Never heard of deeping with strawberry sauce lor..

  3. It looks very attractive and I think I will like it too.

  4. Claire:

    Actually, my mum thought the same as you when the cake was delivered. I urged her to taste the 'chilli sauce' first before we ate the cake.


    Quite an unusual combination.

  5. Wendy:

    Next time, we go to KL together. I'll take you around for some good food. Ok?

    ***Bie wang ji wo men de huo che zi lu***



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