Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome back, Darling!

McDonald's Chocolate flavoured sundae cone had been missing for years. Since then, I stopped eating sundaes because of the bland vanilla flavour. However, my favourite flavour has finally come back to me! It came back so quietly and unnoticeable. By chance, I discovered a strange phenomenon when everyone in the mall was having something in common. They were all eating McDonald's ice-cream! CHOCOLATE flavour some more!!! I quickly made a beeline to the ice-cream counter, with the intention of buying at least 2 sundaes and 'sapu' them up all by myself. When it finally came to my turn, only ONE sundae cone was left. To make the matter worse, it was not even pure chocolate flavour. I could only be given a mixed twist flavour which is made up of a combination of chocolate and vanilla. Well, I seemed to have no choice but to buy the mixed twist just to satisfy the hunger pangs.  I was counting my blessings while I swallowed the ice-cream hastily in large bites, for I was able to enjoy the chocolate ice-cream again after such a long wait. Now, I am pleading to everyone to support the return of chocolate flavoured sundae cone so that it will stay forever. Hope McDonald's will not consider removing it from the list again.

Mixed Twist @ RM1.35

1 comment:

  1. hey mingna, i thought McD ice cream everyday affair? i dint realize the cone is choc flavored one.. wallop only... :)



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