Monday, September 27, 2010

San Francisco Steakhouse, Coliseum Square

I love eating escargots. My first experience of eating escargots was during my visit to Malacca. Being an adventurous foodie, I was willing to try anything that is edible. My first trip to Malacca was guided by a Malacca unimate who shared my interest on food. She introduced to me a variety of exotic Malacca food and I had had one of my most memorable eating experience when she led me into a back alley near the historical sites in Malacca. We stopped in front of a few stalls selling blanched shell fish and we settled for 3 plates of unhygienic shell fish - garden snails, cockles and clams. I therefore tasted my very first local escargots beside two rows of  filthy drains in a back alley. 

I then had my second plate of escargots at San Franscisco Steakhouse at Mid Valley Megamall about six years ago. The mollusks were cooked with garlic and parsley butter in the shells and some special cutleries were used to extract the flesh from the shells. 

Years later, I had my third escargot meal in Brussels. As I was walking around The Grand Place looking for the Mannicken Pis, I spotted a roadside stall selling escargots cooked in broth. The small serving of escargots was an eye-opener to me as it was the freshest I'd ever tasted. I was later told by a friend from France that Burgundy serves the best escargots in the world. Since then, I have fallen in love with escargots.

Last week, I took Mum to San Francisco Steakhouse at Coliseum Square. I ordered escargots again! When the dish arrived, I couldn't help but frown when I saw the whole presentation of the food. Instead of serving it in the shells, they discarded the shells and baked the flesh in a special dish with six tiny compartments. It was quite disappointing because making an effort to hold the shell firmly and extract the flesh from the shell are part of the enjoyment in eating escargots. 

Brew of the day @ RM6.50

Complimentary thin bread slice served with fresh herb butter 

Baked escargots in garlic cream sauce @ RM15.90

Chicken Maryland @ RM20.90

The escargots were not as good as the one I had in the outlet at Mid Valley Megamall. Mum was complaining    the battered chicken being tasteless. She doesn't have the habit of dipping food in sauces but had to resort to requesting for extra ketchup for the chicken. Consequently, we left without ordering any desserts to avoid further disappointment. 

San Francisco Steakhouse
Coliseum Square
Jalan Gopeng


  1. Been there once, big portions but i like the desserts more ... :)

  2. Claire:

    Saw a couple enjoying the lava cake, it looked very tantalising and I almost wanted to order one but was too afraid to add extra calories to my diet.

  3. hey mingna, i thought u said your blog cannot be logged in?
    about the lava cake,i wonder whether it was the same one i ordered last time.. inside the cake is melted choc.. ooooo...drooling now..

  4. Will go there and try some of the goodie food at San Francisco!

  5. Claire:

    I am not sure too. I can access my blog using another computer but not the existing one.


    Let me know what you eat later, ok?



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