Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mille Crepe at Nadeje Patisserie, Malacca

Nadeje Patisserie is a cafe in Malacca which specialises in making Mille Crepe. A French dessert,  mille crepe is literally translated as thousand-layered cake. Mille crepe is made of many alternating layers of crepe and cream. It is the cream sandwiched between the layers that does wonders to the dessert. This mouth-watering dessert, if done to perfection, simply melts in your mouth and the eggy taste of the crepe incorporates with the flavoured cream to form a rather complex yet heavenly taste. It will definitely make you keep asking for more. 

The cafe is usually very crowded during the weekends. I had no choice but to take away the cake and shared it with Pietro (my car). 

Coffee cream mille crepe

Nadeje Patiserie
Jalan Plaza Mahkota 4
Plaza Mahkota,
75000 Malacca
Tel: 06-2838750


  1. MingNa, you really know where to go for nice snacks and desserts! :)

  2. cariso:



    I am learning how to make this dessert. If it turns out nice, I'll make it in our next English afternoon tea party.


    Let's go out together for some nice dessert one day.

  3. MingNa, i saw the making of this dessert from AFC Channel. Lots of layers one! Never know Melaka got this kind of crepe! Must be tasty!

  4. Angeline:

    I love the dessert but my brother found the texture rather weird to be made into a cake.

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