Monday, September 13, 2010

Late Dinner at Murni, SS2

SS2 Murni requires no introduction. Being more reputable than Pelita Mamak food chain, even out-of-towners are familiar with this eating place and its range of food. The place is particularly famous among the university students so it is most regularly patronised by the uni students who would usually come in groups for real satisfying, filling and quality food. If you have not heard of this place but are interested to check this place out, be sure to bring along some friends who have a big appetite as the servings of all food are unbelievably huge. 

This is not an ordinary Mamak stall serving the usual Mamak styled staple. Instead, it is a fusion of all types of food ranging from local fare to western cuisine. You will never be disappointed by their food which never fails in putting a smile in your face, be you a regular or a first-timer. 

Ice-blended Mango Juice @ RM5.00
(I can't recall my total number of visits but this is something that keeps me coming back over and over again)

I can't tell you how wonderful the taste is but this drink has got a charm that stops me from ordering other types of drinks. 

Claypot Yee Mee? Claypot Beancurd? Claypot Chicken Rice? 

Unveil it to see a sunny-side-up egg and a bed of minced meat covering the entire pot of content.

See anything sticking out from those minced meat?

Yeah~~ It's just a simple old comfort food perfected by Murni
Claypot Loh See Fun @ RM5.00
SS2 Murni Restaurant
Jalan SS2/75
Petaling Jaya


  1. Personally, I feel that this claypot lou shu fun was even better than Seng Kee's in Chinatown.
    A little too much MSG, maybe. But tastier and not as bland.

  2. J2Kfm:

    I agree. It is the 'wok hei' that makes Murni's different from the others.

  3. believe or not I have not visited this place before though I know & heard of this place & pass by many times. Just do not know why but I will visit soon.

  4. Hey, i really love Claypot Lou Shu Fun! Is hot till i burtn my lips sometimes!

  5. Sin Tai Lim:

    Whenever you feel like savouring some down-to-earth food, try to consider this place. It might change your perception towards Mamak food.


    Any stalls in Taiping selling Claypot Loh Shi Fun?



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